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  Zack Pitt  

  wrote from Lebanon:

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[December 10th, 2023]

  Hyman Easty  

  wrote from Tanzania:


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[August 4th, 2023]

  Moses Mojica  

  wrote from Chile:


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Moses Mojica
[May 18th, 2023]

  Mari Eyre  

  wrote from Botswana:

Two days ago I received a message that I need to pick up my prize. But I lost the email with the data to access the site. How do I restore access? >>>
[August 16th, 2022]

  Suzette Larocque  

  wrote from Taiwan:

___ _ Where can I get my prize? Here?
[June 20th, 2022]

  Jerrod Garvan  

  wrote from Jamaica:

Hi there,

Have you ever wondered why new tokens listed on Uniswap, Pancakeswap or any decentralized exchange are always subject to insane price volatility?

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[May 23rd, 2022]

  Palma McQuade  

  wrote from Japan:

Your go-to source for leads. We can provide business to business and business to consumer leads, custom-tailored to your needs.
[May 20th, 2022]

  Joellen Curtsinger  

  wrote from Burundi:


Our company, RatingsKing, specializes in posting 5-star testimonials on all major review sites. This way people can find you much easier and get a good impression of your business.
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[December 9th, 2021]

  Arielle Crowe  

  wrote from Mauritania:

Hi ,

Who would I contact at your company that handles ordering your logo products, t-shirts, and promotional items?

For over 20 years we have been creating and supplying our clients with all their custom logo merchandise.

We can put your logo onto anything including:

-Custom Printed T-shirts / Hoodies
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-USB flash drives

---plus 350,000 other items!

We also offer PPE items such as hand sanitizer and masks.

Are there any upcoming projects that you need logo items for?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Custom Branded Product Specialist
[October 29th, 2021]

  Cathy Brown  

  wrote from Tuvalu:


For the first time ever we are offering our contact marketing software to companies.

If you have a B2B product that you would like to promote via contact forms or our dedicated email servers service feel free to contact me on:

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Johan Fourie
[October 28th, 2021]